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It’s really easy to lose credibility with your Facebook stats. It is equally simple to gain credibility as well. You just have to pick your poison.

DISCLAIMER: I may not make some folks smile with my bluntness on this post but sometimes blunt needs to be blunt if ya get what I’m sayin’ here.

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Google ranking is a big deal if you’re gonna even think about making any type of money in MLM. I explained a bit in detail in my blog post “Internet Marketing: Strive to be Google’s Main Bitch.” Pardon my French but it’s just THAT major.

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So I was doin’ some research and I found out some good shit…

Because I’m nice I’m sharing with you because I want to see you grow….

You know how it goes..
If you’re not on the internet, then you’re pissin’ away a lot of money.

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Read this and read it well. Watch the video and read…. digest it….

This is a golden opportunity for you because I normally don’t get this candid

I needed to be open about this for a few reasons:

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I just had to tell you guys about a crazy experience I had today.

So I see this guy in a Facebook group ranting about people who expect to get into a business with no investment.
I totally understood his rant and I commented sorta trying to calm him a little.

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