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100 Days of Happiness Day 1: I FINALLY Got It

This whole 100 Days of Happiness Challenge thing took me for a loop when I first saw it.

Seriously, I will own it, I was being a Debbie Downer about it at first because I really didn’t get it?

The purpose flew over my head? I was like, “Ok really? You’re only happy for 100 days?”  lol I was digging waaayyyyy too deep on the 100 Days of Happiness thing. I admit. It’s the Pisces in me…sue me if you want *sticking tongue out.

I asked about it. I kept seeing it. I’ve actually been enjoying watching everyone’s happy. I had a lightbulb go off and I decided to share my days of happiness. As I said in the video, my happy moments will most likely go waaaayyy over 100 Days of Happiness.

I got a lot of shit to be happy about.

Typical posts of one liners, pics, or statements of what makes me happy weren’t really enough for me when I decided to do this sooooooooo guess what? You get to see my lovely happiness via video for the next 100 days or so. You’re so freakin lucky right now.

Go ahead…. jump around and cheer. You know you want to. You get access to my happy in motion. You’re on team cool kid. Go look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re the shit.


I don’t wanna get all preachy on the subject of happy here but I will leave you with it this:

Happiness….it’s a choice…..choose it.

I’m out…

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