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15 Dee Neal Facts

If you didn’t know me before, you’re about to now…

Since we may be working together some time in the near future, we should understand each other

The hook in the song below is my theme….


I thought it would be fun to spit out a few facts about myself….

Disclaimer: I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit so don’t judge me *I kid. I kid.* Seriously, if you do, post it on in the comment box :-)

Anywho…ya ready? Yes? Ok….

1. I’m an only child. If you’ve spent time on my Facebook page, then you’re probably not shocked by this admission.

I’m a brat. I like it. It’s pretty good living.

I mean I DID have a few Drop Dead Freds when I was younger but other than that, only childism is some good stuff.


2. I wrote my first poem…when I was 9…..on public transportation…on my way to school by myself because I was a big girl

Wanna read it? Yeah? Here it go:

The trees in mid-winter

Beautiful they stand

Lined along the horizon

Beautiful in hand

I was deep for a 9 yr old wasn’t I….


3. I’m a Pisces ;-) I wrote a poem about that too but only my Facebook friends can read it so you may wanna friend me on Facebook

This here is the main fact you need to know about me. Go look us up and tell me what you get  *evil grin*


4. I’m scared as fuck of balloons.

Only the latex kind that you blow up.

I think those mylar helium balloons are hot.

I like the way they make my voice sound. Admit it…. you sucked balloons too and you like it.


5. I’m addicted to Islands.

There’s a lot of the world to see and I really wanna see it.

But for some reason, when vacation time comes….I can’t keep my touche off the islands.


6. I want a big brother….

Too late for that. Way to go Mom and Dad.


 7. I’m a weirdo.

Not a peep through your window kind of weirdo.

I’m just different. Can’t explain it but once you commune with me a little, you’ll get it.

Oh and I’m proud of my weirdoism…is that a word? Spellcheck says no. I say it is now.

I win….because…..see Dee Fact #1.


8. That whole Mitty movie: I get it. I do the same shit.
To date, I haven’t seen it. I only saw the previews of it but it speaks to me.

I’m a Pisces. We zone out and daydream about stuff…like A LOT!



9. I pick up strays….

I think this is because I’m a natural empath.

There’s some kind of stamp on my aura that says, “Oh she thinks she’s Jesus.”

I guess that’s why Empower Network is good for me. I get to help folks and actually get paid from it.

Which brings me to…


10. I’m prone to spend a lot of time coaching my team.

Yeah,it takes time away from my Empower Network business

BUT for some reason, I feel responsible for their success.

It’s a gift and and curse but the gift in it is soooo much greater.

It’s the mommy in me..helping my babies grow :-)


11. I secretly think: who needs to pay tuition when you got Google for free.

But I still pay tuition though. Go figure.


12. I like spraying Windex and pouring Downy in my laundry.


13. My kids are way cooler than grown ups.

At least in my mind anyway.


14. My family tricked me out of teenage rebellion.

Sneaky asses.

Instead of forbidding me to do shit,

They let me do what I wanted then stuck me in theater classes and voice lessons.

It worked like a charm. I didn’t do shit but I’m talented all get out.


15. Weird Science was my all time favorite movie when I was younger.

Something about Gary and Wyatt turning Chet into a big pile of shit still makes me laugh.

Once I figure out how to make a real life dude come out of my computer I’m going to make major dollars….just wait and see.

Then everybody’s gonna think I’m a messiah or some other crazy stuff.


Ok that’s enough…I hope you fell even more in love with me through my Dee Facts. But not like crazy internet stalker love where you add me as a friend on Facebook then send me inbox messages as soon as you see me pop online. I’m cool with the, “Hey I think she’s a pretty cool chic and I’d buy her a drink” kinda love me though. Second round is on me ok :-)

Hey…tell me some facts about you. Put them down in the comment box. Tell me how you like my facts down there too….


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