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5 Ways To Help Google Index Your Site

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If you’re new to the land of blogging then you probably either don’t know how Google works or you think that your site is just magically going to make it to Google Index as soon as your create it……NOPE!!!

How do I know what you’re thinking? Well duh..because I can read minds of course. LOL No, I’m just funnin’ ya. I use to think the same way. Google is like the karma of the internet. It can be a bitch or your best friend. It’s more often a bitch who wants you to play by her rules and kiss her ass at all costs if you want to cash in on her cookies aka Google index.

Google is a search engine just like Yahoo, Bing, Yippy (ooohhh this is my best kept secret and I will talk about it another time.) When people go to Google search (as I do like all the time. I’m Google’s bitch and I’m not afraid to admit it. lol) and enter in a search term, different sites and pages return in the search results. They show in the results because they are part of Google’s index. Think of Google Index as a big virtual roladex of sorts. Google has “spiders” to crawl the net and look for sites and pages to add to their arsenal of information in order for them to be able to deliver those search requests. Well Google is picky. It’s not going to just let anybody in. You have to do what seems like jump through hoops to get indexed (that’s if you don’t know much about what you’re doing.) You have to do even more if you want to make it on the first page of Google and even more to land yourself in the first 3 results which is money in the bank of your business is online. Note: if people are anything like me, they aren’t going past the 3-5 results, let alone the first page of Google. So I’ve decided to give you a few steps, 5 to be exact to help in that seemingly daunting process.

Google Index Helpers:

1. Webmaster Tools: You need this. You want this. Go to Google and register for Webmaster Tools. You don’t have to be a master at webbing but you have to be willing to be especially if you’re building your indexing off sweat equity. Which basically means you’re broke and need to do it yourself. I’m not going to go into the plethora of benefits in this tool. You need to go hunt for your meat. Dive in. Absorb. Become Google’s bitch…. Don’t get to happy now. I may have to come for you ;-)

2. Submit a Sitemap: A sitemap is like a big “pick me” sign for your website. It’s one way to get noticed by Google. It makes sure Google sees your site and all of the pages it contains. If you’re not tech savvy and don’t know how to create one, if you have a site on a blogging platform, there’s plugins you can install to create one for you.

3. Submit Site to Google: Once you follow direction #1, you can simply submit your site to Google. This is you blatantly telling Google, “Hey, add me.” I like to think of it as a friend request that may or may not get answered based on your profile.

4. Content: This is a big one. Content is key. When people put search results in Google, only pages in the index that have content relevant to their search will be returned. How keen you are placing and organizing that content according to SEO rules will say how high up on the ladder you will place, that’s even if you’ve made your site relevant enough to be indexed.

5. Last but not least, verify your site: Once you follow direction #1, another thing you want to do is verify your site with Google. This tells Google that this site exists and you actually own it.

Now..I hope you liked these few little snippets. I’ve given you the basics here. Within these basics, it gets pretty specific. You can either be the nerd with swag that I am and learn this stuff on your own or you can simply ask me to help you out. Either way, I hope this helped you. I wish someone had given it to me when I decided to embark on perfecting my internet presence.

Moral of the story: Get your site in Google Index and be patient. It won’t happen overnight. Google isn’t a one and done kind of girl. I think she’s been talking to Steve Harvey or something lol

Ok guys, that’s all for now. Talk to you later and make it a great one….

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