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A Quick Way To Lose Credibility with Your Facebook Stats


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It’s really easy to lose credibility with your Facebook stats. It is equally simple to gain credibility as well. You just have to pick your poison.

DISCLAIMER: I may not make some folks smile with my bluntness on this post but sometimes blunt needs to be blunt if ya get what I’m sayin’ here.

I remember writing a blog post a while back about My Damn Facebook posts and the gist of the whole post was really about being yourself when you post on Facebook and I truly mean that.

Now let’s go deeper… go through your Facebook stats and take a look at who you really are. A lot of people say, “Well it’s just Facebook.” In all actuality,it’s not just Facebook. Very rarely do I meet anyone whom I first became acquainted with via social media and their personality is different. Who has time for that shit besides cat fishers?

With that being said let’s get down with the get down.

Get yourself some mindset training before you allow your Facebook stats to send your credibility down the drain. I delete new acquaintances almost daily because of the things they post.

If you’re in any type of business, ESPECIALLY network marketing, those Negative Nelly posts will send your credibility down the drain.

For example, I spoke to someone a few weeks ago and they were…SCREEEETTTCCCHHHHHH….
Let me correct myself here, they SEEMED like one of the most intelligent people I’ve met in a long time. UNTIL today, I look on my timeline and see one of the most insulting Facebook stats from this person I’ve seen in a long time. What do you think happened next?

You’re right…delete baby…. De-frickin-lete…

I’ve learned to monitor what I allow into my noggin. What I feed my brain is what it will produce. You are what you eat right?

What do you think this person’s audience is thinking about them after reading that highly offensive Facebook status? Suddenly they went from being intelligent and credible in their niche to just a regular douche on Facebook.

But guess what? That Facebook stat was who they are. Had this person showed the same persona everywhere else, and learned how to communicate with being the person they are, the status would’ve been received better. People would’ve expected that type of talk from that person.

Listen here. If you meet me, if you read my blog, if you look at my Youtube videos, if you see my tweets, if you see my Facebook stats, I am the same person.

If the person you are just happens to be negative and uninspiring, forget about it. Take a self-check and get your shit in order. Get your mind right before you ever expect anyone to do business with you. Your issues go way deeper than a Facebook status.

You can’t lead a team with a negative attitude. People aren’t going to business with you if they see a dark cloud when you’re coming their way. They aren’t going to do business with you or want to even speak to you if you’re an asshole. There’s no other way to put it. Social media is it right now when it comes to building business. Don’t let your Facebook stats lose credibility for you.

Moral of the story: Don’t be an angel on stage and a douche on your Facebook. 

If this post gave you some value, share with your friends. After all, it aint no fun if ya homies can’t have none. Give them a sip :-)

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