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I’m Mad: Nobody Taught Me About Blogging for Money

When you think of blogging for money, what comes to your head?

Someone paying you to blog?

Increasing your business through blogging?

Paid ads on your blog?

Years ago, it meant someone paying me to blog. I really didn’t grasp the concept and blogging fried my brain.
I wasn’t consistent. I would blog, get frustrated, leave it alone, come back in a few months and try again. Crazy repetitive cycle.

David Wood should have thought of Empower Network YEARS AGO! Blogging for money isn’t a new thing but it’s a GREAT thing.

Check out my blogging for money video right here:

If you’re still wondering how to make money online then you should join Empower Network point blank period. Blogging for money took on a whole new meaning once I joined Empower Network. I wasn’t able to grasp the how to’s of the blog world until I got crazy blog juice from Empower Network.

I sell real estate. Blogging is the name of the game in that world to set your self apart from the rest of the real estate world.

When I started, the real estate community preached blogging heavily.

I didn’t know what to do, how to do it, what to blog about, or how my blog was gonna get people to buy from me so I wasn’t consistent.

THEN I found Empower Network….

…NOW I’m  a mean blogging for money bitch. And guess what? I’m making money doing it.

I use to think, this blogging thing was scientific. Like I had to be some sort of rocket scientist or something.

LIES! Blogging for money is EASY!!

It’s fun!

It’s cool!

It’s not only bank juice but ego juice too lol

No but really, cool kids blog….

Moral of the story: If you ain’t bloggin’ for money you tripppin’

Moral of the story part deux: If you ain’t down with Empower Network, you super trippin…

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