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About Dee Neal


I’m a single Mom of 3 on a mission to make it happen and guess what? IT’S HAPPENING….

I don’t know what you think about parenting and life but here’s what I think:

I’m suppose to have enough time to experience my children’s moments.

My children are suppose to have more of their mother than her work does.

When my children get sick, I’m suppose to be home to take care of them without worrying about whether or not I’m gonna lose my job because of it.

Work is not suppose to be WORK.

I’m suppose to enjoy what I do and get paid what I’m worth.

No one is suppose to benefit more from my blood sweat and tears than me.

I’m not suppose to be on meds because my job is so stressful.

I’m suppose to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor before I’m 62 years old (which is the age most companies make you wait to retire in order to receive your pension.)

Most importantly, if I’m working, it’s not suppose to be to simply to survive but to LIVE.

I have place to go….people and shit to see…and most importantly…boys to raise! Aren’t they cute?

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 photo 3d43085c-17d1-470e-aad5-87471efe6f67_zps985dd97c.jpg
 photo 906382fe-9abb-49cb-af45-ed0ef4ecd358_zps366f037c.jpg


Those are my 3 reasons…the reasons I live….the reasons I breathe….the reasons I grind….the reasons I’m striving for freedom….

And it’s happening….right here before your eyes…

Watch me or partner up and join me……pick your poison right here