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Aquarian Era:You Survived 2013 Now What?

If you are as observant as I am, you noticed bookshelves in the New Age section of Barnes & Noble filled with books about 2012 and the Mayan Prophecies. You noticed survival kits in supermarkets for people awaiting apocalypse. You were one of the first people to see the movie 2012. Then you took a look at it all and shook your heads off marketers profiting off people’s need to believe. Cashing in on mythical stories of the end of the world. If you’re like me, you probably attempted to calm the nerves of the masses by letting them know that the end of the world wasn’t near, yet the end of the world as we know it and in your explanation, you watched the puzzled look on people’s faces as you explained the astrological meaning of it all.

2012 wasn’t the end of the world but yet and end of an era. 

I write this post today because I had a few moments today. I was in the Dr’s office and an old country man stood next to me and started talking. As I stood there fighting back the tears because he had the stature, voice, and demeanor of my grandfather whom I had lost earlier this year, I couldn’t help but accept that my Pop-pop was communicating with me for a reason. He was reading my mind and speaking to my ambition and letting me know I was doing good. Later on this evening, I had another erie moment as my friend told me the date she was moving out of my house and it just so happened to be on my grandfather’s birthday. I stood in my kitchen and my tears flowed.

When an era changes, the earth replenishes her energy. This means some things and people must go.

I reflected on 2013. This year marked the beginning of a new era. The Aquarian Era. Had I not known this, I probably would’ve been very angry with God and thinking he sent the Grim Reaper to haunt us all. Death plagued us in the beginning of this year. I grew up in this world full of love and family. I can literally count on one hand how many people I’ve lost that were close to me in my 37 years. 2013 increased that number starting in January. Between January and April 2013, I had lost quite a few people very close to me. I thought I would break. My Facebook timeline was a virtual funeral and I knew I was not alone. We were mourning our attachments to flesh and the Universe was cleansing. I understood this but many people didn’t and my knowledge didn’t stop my pain.

After the dust settled and the deaths slowed up, I noticed changes. The way I looked at people changed. My work life changed for the better. I made the Dean’s list in college. Business started improving and opportunities began to flow like water. I had survived 2012 and the coming of a new era. What was I going to do next? I had to reflect on my life. Make a decision to keep the flow of this new era in tune with my atmosphere. I mean, we are all blessed. We are here to experience a universal replenishing. We are here to experience an event that only happens every couple thousand years.

We are in the Age of Aquarius. The is the age of personal freedom and enlightenment. What does this mean to you? This means you have the opportunity to start anew. Well whether you like it or not, you will be replenished. Now whether you refill with the same energy or not is up to you. I have decided to take advantage of this opportunity. I have made a conscious decision to change my vibration and manifest. I have made a conscious decision to be in tune with my power.

We are all made powerful but we search for leaders.

We are leaders in our own right. It is time to harness the leader in yourself. For some reason, The Creator decided that this physical manifestation of your soul would take place in a time which would allow you to experience a great replenishing and transfer of energy. This is not by accident. It’s time to sit down, practice inner reflections, and listen to your purpose. It is time to be powerful. It is time to get off your ass and make life happen. It is time to influence. It is time to love. It is time to live for the greater good. It is time to be free…….

Moral of the story: You have a powerful purpose. Use your power wisely.

Thought: I did not SEO this post. If Google finds her, that’s just icing on the cake. This content isn’t to be searched but it will fall on who the Universe chooses to have it.

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