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Business Tools

I’ve decided to give you guys a few goodies to help you in your road to success. Online presence is a must and without the proper tools, it can be a hard road. So take a look below, put the wheels in motion and thank me later.

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Viral Blogging System
I provide pre-formatted blogs for those less than tech savvy business owners. My platform is setup and fully customizable. I walk you through the setup so you don’t have to wreck your brain in the process. Additional media hosting services are available to enhance your business’s web presence. In addition there’s awesome training available at no extra cost to teach you how to drive traffic to your site!

Hostgator.com Web Hosting $14.95/mth

When having a website/blog, you want to own your content and have your domain hosted. This not only gives you complete control over your site, you can be protected against untimely events. If you’re not tech savy, there is a small learning curve but if you can read then you can setup your website/blog. Hostgator’s back office has one click installation for a few platforms. I have been using Hostgator for years and I have had no issues. Their support is great and when I was in my learning phase, they helped me out a lot.

Aweber.com email marketing platform $19.00/mth

Email marketing is just as essential as creating your online presence. You need a platform to keep your business in front of the faces of your audience. Aweber is a great tool for doing just that. Email your clients with updates about your business. Keep them up on any new sales and promotions. Send them little tidbits about your niche. This is super easy to set up. It reduces your chances of your emails ending up in the spam folder. Reach more of your audience. You can publish a series of emails and schedule them for delivery so you don’t have to visit constantly. What’s cool is you can keep up on what works and what doesn’t because their tracking tool lets you know who unsubscribed, who opened your emails, and who did not. This is a great tool for tweaking your email marketing campaign.

Bonus Resource

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