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But wait MLM Gurus are Thieves

MLM gurus get a bad wrap at being thieves who hype you up to make money when they only want your money.

Word on the street is that they get your money and you never hear from them again.

Well…I dunno about that. I’ve personally never experienced anyone do that.

In fact, a good guru is going to have tools available to you to help you make money in MLM because that’s where they make their bread. If their team doesn’t grow then they don’t grow. At least that’s how I see it.

If you want to reach MLM guru status then you have to do what guru’s do…WORK!

I think I’ve said time after time on this blog that the money isn’t gonna make itself.

You actually have to EARN your money in MLM.

I’m not sure what you’re neighborhood guru is doing but mine over here at Empower Network is always throwing  jewels in the pool and I’m smart enough to know it’s up to me make those bitches shine.

Picture this:

You find a company with a GREAT compensation plan and decide, “Heck, I can give it a try…”

What do you do next? Do you sit there and wait for someone else to make your money for you?


Do you hop in and take charge going through all the training materials and putting shit into action?

I chose B…..consequently….oooohh and what a fucked up consequence it is….I MAKE MONEY! LOL

Seriously, I think I will blog about this until I’m blue in the face.

Folks can’t really expect to get their hand held in this game or any game for that matter.

You have to dive in and get your WHOLE BODY WET…

You don’t have to be an MLM Guru to make money…

Hell you don’t even have to be close to guru status to make money in MLM,

But what you DO have to do is focus and take the bull by the horns.

Guess what? Even if your mlm guru sponsor is an asshole who doesn’t coach their team, you can still make money..

Lots of people do. Just say, “fuck my sponsor” and get your bread….


Moral of the story: MLM Guru’s aren’t thieves. Nobody can’t steal money you have decided not to make :-)

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