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Can You Really Get Good MLM Leads in Those Facebook Groups?

empower network facebook group spam


So I saw a post in a Facebook group I’m in wondering if anyone really got any leads..

You know what I’m talking about

Those Facebook Groups where MLM peeps post links to their pages hoping to drum up business.

It’s an endless array of advertisements that no one is really looking at but you post anyway.
Why do people post in those things? Are they for newbies who aren’t being trained right?

Weeellllll…that depends on how you look at it.

…at least in my opinion.

I’m a roses and lilies type of chic so everything’s bright to me.


In my eyes, everyone is lead. Sometimes they are hot. Sometimes you gotta warm them up.

Make contacts. Build relationships.
Not everyone is gonna be ready to jump on your wagon right away.

Those Facebook groups can be tiresome if you’re on the MLM build hunt.

Don’t make them your only source of MLM leads.
There’s like a gazillion ways to get leads for your business.
Some are free. Some are not so free. You should visit both ideas.

Free leads = slow money
Paid lead = super charged BANK…

Simple as that.

Want to know more how to build mlm leads?
Correction: QUALITY MLM leads?

Hang out with me some time. I can teach ya some tricks.

BUT back to the point of this post…

YES! You can get good mlm leads from those Facebook groups…
……you just gotta think positive……


Moral of the story: Hunt for your meat. Leads are everywhere….

Do your friends a favor and share this with them :-)

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