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Does MLM work?

I hated MLM….seriously.

I had a few “bad” experiences of paying $300 – $500 and not making any money at all.

I went to these meetings either at hotels or in people’s houses, got sold by the handsome guy in the suit, spent my money and didn’t make shit. I hated it. I wanted to stay away from it because MLM only works for the suited dudes and dudettes.

MLM companies are evil. 

They setup these “schemes” to get people’s money and they don’t make anything back because success in MLM is a dream for anyone who isn’t sitting on the board.

NOW…for the truth.

When I look at back my experiences with multi-level marketing, I see that I was waiting for it to happen for me.

I was waiting for MLM to work for me. I did not take my success in MLM in my own hands.

I didn’t read all the manuals. I didn’t sit through all the training. I didn’t follow the blueprint. I bailed in less than 60 days if I got too many rejections. Hell who am I kidding? I bailed in less than a month most times. So in essence, I wasted my own money, not because the MLM companies I chose were bad and pyramid schemes but because I didn’t do shit to make money. I didn’t take responsibility for my own success.

So if you’re asking the question, “Does MLM work?”

The answer is NO! MLM does not “WORK.” People work…simple as that. Multi level marketing is a business model with gazillions of business models inside of it.

One day I sat and thought about it and realized that my job was one of those MLM business models. Ain’t that a bytch?

mlm company

So I was thinking….do you see what I’m thinking? I hope so… See how it works? Looks like a pyramid doesn’t it? We pick a company, we go to work everyday, and we WORK. As a matter of fact, we work our asses off and never come close to making the money that head guy up there makes. But we WORK! The companies we choose aren’t working, we are working.

The difference with Multi Level Marketing is, we are so sick of working at the companies we choose, that we bail when we don’t get an instant out. I don’t go to work everyday expecting that owner guy up there to put money in my pocket while I’m sitting doing nothing. I know that if I do that, it’s pretty much a given that I won’t be getting shit. It’s the same with MLM, Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing or whatever you choose to call owning your own business.

Moral of the story: (yeah I’m saying it again) The money ain’t gonna make itself. 

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