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Eat…Sleep…Blog….Period Part Deux

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So you’ve got your blog….you’ve gotten it at least half way pretty…you sit down to write a blog post

And then….

Well you’ll be damned…..you can’t think of shit to write about. Ain’t this some bullshit?

I’ve been there. Blog brain fart is the most annoying thing ever, especially when you’re blogging for money.

Blog topics can be hard to come by in that clouded little head of yours when you actually sit down to write a blog post. You’ve had amazing ideas pop into your head all day but as soon as you sit down to start blogging…….they’re gone.

I’m a writer by nature so things always pop into my head and I have had trouble figuring what to blog about on a consistent basis. It’s even harder when you’re new. I’m lucky The Prosperity Team in Empower Network gives out daily done for you blog posts or else I would be in a load of shit

I remember when I first joined Empower Network, I figured, “Well I know blogging so this shit will be easy.”

And then I tried to blog again……FAIL!

I had all these ideas in my head but I didn’t write them down.

I swear they were there a minute ago but then it’s like my fingers got blog fright or something.

What was I to do? Blogging daily is the name of the blogging for money game.

I’ll tell you what I didn’t do. I didn’t give up. I’m not a quitter so this little thing wasn’t going to beat me.

I got in the habit of logging into my team website DAILY to visit our team blog where our daily blog content is posted.

First I would just copy the blog posts directly to my blog,

Then after a week, I was copying them and re-writing them to fit me,

Then I was writing on my own.

It was like magic or something. (Don’t mean to sound all whimsical but that’s exactly how it happened.)

The more you keep doing something, the better you become at it. Be consistent with your blog.

What will happen is, the badass will come out of you if you keep doing this.

In an effort to improve, you will start learning,

And while you’re learning, you’ll start doing.

Before you know it, you’ll have blog posts out the….well you get what I’m saying :-)

If you hang around me long enough, especially if you become a Success Junkie, you’ll learn all types of stuff to better your blog and get this money. I like to share my get money jewels so my fellow Success Junkies are loving me up.

It helps if you keep a log of your blog post ideas. I started doing that when my skills upgraded.

It’s soooooooooo much easier. If a blog fart comes along, you just pull out your list and write some shit.

You’ll be a speed blogging machine in no time.

Stick with me kid, I’ll take you places. (I’m laughing but seriously, I’ll take you places.)

So you have 3 options in this blogging for money game:

1. You can figure it out yourself.

2. You can bookmark this post for refresher.

3. (The best option) You can partner up with me and get yourself some supreme blog juice and get this money.

Pick your poison kid. The money ain’t gonna just come to ya…..

Moral of the story: Keep calm and continue blogging


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