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So just blog already….

I’m not sure if you’re gonna read this like “duh I already knew that”

If you are, good…I’m reinforcing the rule….

If you aren’t….then listen up, pay attention, and take action. In that order.

I’ve mentioned this a little before in a blog post somewhere back there but I want to elaborate a little.

Making ANY type of increase in income requires blogging.

Yeah I know, you think you aren’t much of a writer and blogging isn’t really your thing but if getting money isn’t your thing then errrr uuuuhhh, your ass needs to get to blogging. Seriously. You don’t need to know how to do it or know how to design a killer website, just start. You can learn as you go along. As a matter of fact, you DO learn as you go along because you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your blog. It actually becomes addictive.

The first place consumers look when they want to buy a new product or service is online. If your company isn’t branded then you must become an authority. You do that through your blog.

Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to set one up, your girl can hook you up for $25. SWEET! 

Anywho, as I was saying, if you want to get money, you need to blog.

You can get some money, slow money that is, without it. But if you wanna beef up your bank account you need to start bloggin’.

Top 10 reasons you need to blog (in no particular order except #1):

  • To get insane money
  • Become an authority in your niche
  • Boost your writing skills
  • Beef up your communication skills
  • Connect with your potential buyers
  • Increase your internet exposure
  • Be in control of your online presence
  • Stay focused on your content and marketing strategies
  • To keep up with trends in your niche
  • Blogging keeps you ahead of the game

I can list like goobles of more reasons and I will probably tell you what they are later but I don’t want your brain to fart or anything. Blogging for money is the get money trend right now. People like to read blogs. It helps them get to actually know who they are doing business with.

If you’re in any type of internet marketing business, then you REALLY need to be blogging.

Forget all of the hype some companies preach about not needing to blog in their business to make money…

Producing any type of longevity will require blogging and once you start it you’ll REALLY like it.

If you’re not  much of writer, don’t have time, or any of the other reasons you can think of to not blog, you can always outsource it if you have the funds. I personally suggest writing yourself.

Not knowing exactly how to blog is really no excuse to cheat your bank account. I teach my team everything they need to know about the blog game. I even wrote a book about it that I’m gonna give you for free just because I’m cool like that.

Get it here. It’s free. It’s good. You need this. Thank me later. 

Moral of the story: If you aint bloggin’ you trippin. 

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