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Email Marketing: Your Questions Answered

Well what the heck is email marketing and why should you do it? Duh why not?
For one, we already know that if you’re not busting your ass to leverage your online presence

You’re losing a shit load of money…
If you’re online, and just have some canned website to make sales and don’t have a blog…
You’re losing a shit load of money…
If you’re online, have a site, have a blog linking to your site,
BUT….you’re not capturing leads through an auto responder for your email marketing campaign…
Well you’re just throwing away money..


Why on earth would ya need email marketing?

Well duuuhhh…so you can stay in touch with your customers and your leads…
Let’s face it, everyone who comes to your site isn’t gonna buy from you right away.
Some folks like to browse a little.

You want them to come back and make you their go to guy or girl for what they need.

They aren’t gonna do that if they don’t remember you.
Let’s just be real here, they’re searching a LOT of sites for what they want.
Having a simple sign up form on your page somewhere,

WHERE THEY CAN SEE IT… (sorta like the that popped up where you entered your email when you came to my site *smile*)

Is going to keep you in contact with them.

So what are you going to do once you capture their email address?

Welp, you’re gonna send them emails lol
Not just buy it, buy this, buy now emails all the time
But instead, you’re going to build a relationship with them.
You’re going to send them tips and little quirky things to remember by you buy DAILY…
Don’t think daily is too much. It’s actually not. Trust me, if you’re not in their mailbox someone else is.
Make sure they see you and remember you.
At the end of every email, you’re gonna give a great closing (see me for help on this..)
You’re also going to include a link to your site with a call to action at the end of every email (see me for help on this..)
You’re going to be consistent with your communication.
If you do all this, when you do send BUY MY STUFF emails, they WILL buy.
Your sales WILL increase. You WILL thank yourself for doing this.

“Well I don’t have the time to do all that…”

What’s that? What did you say?
You don’t have 5 minutes to draft an email to send to your clients and potential clients?
Then why should they buy from you again? Why should they buy from you at all?
I mean if they aren’t worth 5 minutes of your time then why would they?

(Note: Not being sarcastic here. This is really a question you should ask yourself.)

If you do not have the time for email marketing,
Which basically translates into staying in contact with your audience,
Why should they buy from you?

Well how do I set this whole email marketing thing up then?

I thought you would NEVER ask! Welp, its easy:

Find an auto responder service like Constant Contact, MailChimp, or my favorite Aweber,
Then join for a few bucks a month. I pay $19/mth for Aweber and it’s well worth the bucks.

Let me let you in on a little secret here:

You don’t actually have to send the emails every day,
You can draft a follow up series of emails and schedule them to go out.
This way each person who subscribes will have responses on auto pilot.

Don’t let anyone know I told you that secret. Deal? Good… lol

I’m not gonna fill your pretty little head up with too much info right now.

This little bit of info should get you going.

There’s like a TON more you need to know like:

  • How to get people to read your emails
  • How to keep yourself off the spam list
  • Best email subject lines
  • How to keep your readers’ attention in email
  • Best way to craft your emails
  • Sales trigger words to use in your emails
  • Designing sign up boxes and adding them to your blog

And a whole lot more. That’s ok though. We learn all that stuff in Empower Network.

I can teach it to you in two ways:

  • You can join my team and have me and that awesome training to yourself
  • OR you can hire me to train you without joining my team

Choice is your but if you wanna up your dollar game…pick one :-)

That’s all for now…

Moral of the story: If you ain’t email marketing you trippin’…………and losing money

P.S. If this post was helpful to you in anyway possible….please share. Oh and let me know about it in the comments..

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