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Exactly How DRIVEN Are You?

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Hey guys, I want to talk to you about your drive. I want to know exactly how DRIVEN you consider yourself to be. I want you to think critically on this one and be honest with yourself because your drive meter plays a huge part in your success.

We often like to talk about it but are we really about it? Being driven is more than just saying you want it. Or doing something and when it doesn’t work out or provide instant gratification, you just give up on your dreams. Dreams don’t come true unless you turn them into plans. Those plans don’t get executed if your drive isn’t getting speeding tickets from your friends because you’re moving faster than their lane could ever imagine.

Being driven makes late nights and early mornings a breeze and puts sleep on the back burner. When you’re driven, the only hunger you have is the end result. Your body sometimes goes into fasting mode because you’re on another plane somewhere and you’re operating in nirvana. You can’t have pictures of chips and soda in your head. The only pictures you see are you celebrating the fruits of your labor.


So here’s a little checklist to know if you’re driven:

  • You often have conversations with people and while you’re listening and present, your mind is multitasking because you’re having a conversation with them about one thing yet your mind is somewhere on another planet with your plans.
  • You’re always high off the thought of your master plan.
  • In your mind there no option of a Plan B.
  • You work so hard that you have to make yourself stop and eat.
  • You’re constantly “zoned out” because you’re constantly creating in your head.
  • You’re two steps ahead of your obstacles.
  • Your friends haven’t seen you in ages because you’re so focused
  • Sleep….what’s that?
  • People think you’re crazy when you tell them your vision.
  • People often say to you, “I don’t know how you do it.”
  • You’re self taught and always learning
  • In your mind you think: Competition? What’s that?

I have a REALLY long list but these are the basics. If you haven’t said yes to at least 3/4 of this list then you need to hanging out with The Success Junkie a little more to up the weight on your driven meter. You need more drive and I will be happy to give it to you. Only badasses need apply.

I found a great article on Forbes on the topic. Click here and check it out.

Moral of the story: Be driven….be very driven. Make failure very afraid.

Confession: I think I got off writing this post….

Need more drive fuel? No Problem. Join our team for constant gassing up….

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