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Google Ranking Guide for MLM Newbies

Google ranking is a big deal if you’re gonna even think about making any type of money in MLM. I explained a bit in detail in my blog post “Internet Marketing: Strive to be Google’s Main Bitch.” Pardon my French but it’s just THAT major.

There’s a couple hundred Google ranking factors to consider but I won’t overload you with information….just yet *snicker*. No seriously, Google ranking factors fall in categories that will both help you be the God of whatever your niche is and some that will have you in the corner wearing a dunce cap. Your domain, on page, site, backlinks, user interaction, and social signals all play a part in your ranking prestige or lack thereof.

I will help you out with 10 Hotties on the list:


goole ranking factors

  1. The powers that be like keywords in your domain name: You should do careful research in what you’re trying to accomplish in your niche. Pick a killer domain name containing your keyword making it easy to spell and remember. This isn’t the end all be all but it definitely provides you some good juice.
  1. Beef up your permalinks: When creating blog posts, the keyword should be in the permalink. Be careful not to make the links too long. This gives Google the signal that you have what the kids are searching for. When search results are displayed, the keywords in your link will be in bold as shown below:


  1. Power up that keyword density: When users search for topics, Google is looking for sites with quality articles relevant to their search. Using your keyword enough times throughout your post lets Google know you’ve got the Motts. Aim for 1%-2% keyword density. Don’t go on keyword overkill. Your Google ranking is likely to suffer if you use the keyword too many times in your post. This is a spammer tactic and you will get dinged for it. Don’t ever do it.
  1. Image Juice: Think pics don’t matter? Welp they do. Optimize your images. Make them clear and crisp. Pay close attention to your image texts making sure to stick that keyword in the file name and alt txt to give you some relevancy boost.
  1. Update your content: Your site isn’t very sexy to Google if you don’t update your content. Updating your content on a frequent basis tells the search engines that you’re not playing around. Searchers don’t want to see old stuff. They want the most updated information on the topic they are searching for so update update update!
  1. Duplicated Content is a no no: No sir No ma’am. One must not repeat their stuff. If you’re online and you’re circulating your content, it is important to switch it up a little or else you will get dinged by the search engine Gods. If you’re syndicating your blog and want to rotate articles, that’s great. A lot of folks do it but get an article spinner so your content isn’t showing duplicate. If you run across a post on the net and you want to replicate it (folks do this too), that’s great as well but don’t just copy and paste it into a blog post (that’s plagiarism anyway). Make your own post and highlight important parts of the article relevant to your content. Don’t forget to give the author credit and a link back.
  1. Stick those links in there: Google likes it when you link to authority sites in your content. Work links to great sites relevant to your content in your posts for some sweet Google juice.
  1. Speed that page up baby: A slow load time not only kills the user experience but search engines don’t like it either. Test the loading time on your pages then make some changes to speed it up. (More about that in another post ) Pingdom is a great tool to use. I tested my site. My homepage has a good load time. A score of 85% isn’t that bad. Loading under 4 seconds. I rock.



  1. Fix those broken links: Got broken links? Bad. Bad. Bad. Broken links tell the world you don’t care much about your site. What a great sign of neglect there huh? I know it can be some work, especially if you have a lot of content but you want to do a spot check every now and then. Google Analytics will actually tell you what your broken links are so. Go on ahead, hook up that analytics account and make the masters happy. You will lose credibility if you’re not a good site mommy or daddy.

And last but not least…supreme Google ranking juice…

building backlinks


10.  BACKLINKS!!! These babies REALLY tell search engines how cool you are. The amount of QUALITY links you have pointing to your page really boost your rank. Now, you may be tempted to go out on the internet and pay somebody to go out there and point a gazillion links to your page ….. STOP! This will do you more harm than good. I will tell you why later in another post but for now, think backlinks and stay tuned for more linkage tutorials in another post.

I haven’t really even scratched the surface. As I said before, there’s 200 Google ranking factors out there and I won’t go into all of them on this one little post. These are just something to get you started. The points listed in this post are what I wish someone would’ve told me when I started my online money getting life. It would’ve made things A LOT easier. I actually wish I would’ve found Empower Network sooner So I wouldn’t have had to go through hours and hours and hours of trying to figure it all out when they had it all in one place. Go figure but you’ve gotta learn somewhere right?

 SO! Here’s your homework:

  •   Bookmark this post
  •  Take two of the points listed per day for the next 5 days and implement them
  • Share this post with all your friends
  •  Tell them they have to do the homework too
  • Click here and download my free e-book for 10 more tips
  • Contact me and tell me how this helped you
  • Then repeat…

Moral of the story: I took me a few hours to put this together for you. It will take you lesser time to put my hard work to work for you. So make momma proud and do your homework

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