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All About The Income Baby

I had to take this and post this so everyone can get it and understand exactly what it takes to become successful at anything. I’ve spoken about instant gratitude a couple of times and will speak on it more until everyone gets it. One can’t decide to make a substantial income without putting in a substantial amount of work first. One of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power is “Despise the free lunch.” Better yet, I think it was Tupac who said in one of his songs, “I don’t want it if it’s that easy.” Free and easy end up in trouble later. If you reach any kind of opportunity that does not require some good old fashioned elbow grease to become successful……….RUN.

BUT…I need you to get it clearer…just read the message below from this awesome dude named David Wood:

I’ve posted this before, but every 2 months or so, someone makes a comment that is programmed with stupidity about Network Marketing, that goes somethings like this:

“What, you mean 50 people made $1,000 today? So that’s like .25% of the team? Is that supposed to be good?”
Let me help you:
Stop being an idiot. Now, I don’t actually think you’re stupid, so I won’t call you out by name, so it’s ok. I just think that you don’t have right information, or someone has told you something incredibly dumb, and you just didn’t have time to think about it. So I’m going to give it to you, and help you think for a minute.
Before I continue, I want you to answer the following questions:
1. What percentage of students in Medical School make AT LEAST $100,000 a year as a doctor?
2. What percentage of people graduate from college, and the very next day, after they get out, are making at LEAST a $100,000 a year income?
3. How many lawyers earn $100,000 in a year, their VERY FIRST year after passing the bar exam?
4. What percent of society earns $100,000 a year, ever?
5. Out of those, what percent of them do it the VERY FIRST year they get out of high school?
Aren’t those questions ridiculous? Don’t they just sound dumb when you read them? If I actually was asking this to a college counselor, hands on my hips, mad – because I think I’m being scammed – wouldn’t I look like the biggest dumbass on earth?
That’s how you look with statements like that.
To the point. Saying that only a certain percentage of people in Network Marketing – regardless of the company, earn income, is making wild, goose haired assumptions. Now, it is required to report income disclosures of average earnings – and you’re also required to include everyone who is an active affiliate in those disclosures.
That’s all good, and we’ll do it, but here’s the problem:
Saying a certain percentage make it is assuming that success is based on ODDS – or luck, or positioning, when really…
…it’s based on skill, hard work, perseverance, leadership, vision, communication abilities, consistency… to start.
There is a difference between a profession and a lottery.
So in your wild, goose haired percentage, here’s what you’re counting:
1. Customers, who are in there to buy products, and literally are not even active affiliates, nor have they ever been. So let’s delete those…
2. What we have left is active affiliates, including people that just started yesterday, just started a week ago, just started a month ago, and are new in the last six months. So let’s delete everyone who’s been in for less than 3 months, too. (yes, we have some that make a lot of money – like Vick, who made a little over $700,000 his first month, getting right after Christmas – but let’s delete Vick, too – because he’s new)
3. What we have left are affiliates who are still in the game, after 90 days, however… we still don’t know if they’ve worked at all, ever wrote a blog post, or if they even follow our 8 steps, so we need to delete everyone that at least hasn’t been to our events.
4. What we have left, is active affiliates who attend events (one of the 8 core steps we teach to succeed) – there were 4,000 of them in Austin, Texas. We asked what percentage of the people in the room had made money – and you know what happened?
95% of 4,000 people stood up… however:
Out of the 4,000 – and 95% of the room had earned a commission, there’s still a missing puzzle piece. What percentage of THEM are ALL IN, and had been in for at least 90 days?
Well I don’t know the latter, but guess how many were all in?
About 1,000.
5. What we have left are 1,000 event attending people who are ALL IN the game – so these folks at least have the commitment to show up, get all in, and listen – now:
Friday, we do a leadership training for our top 250 people.
ALL of those 250 were also in that all in meeting.
All of them had earned a pretty damned good amount of money. Some of them were new, in the last 90 days.
However, that’s 25% – not your dumbs .25% – if you are willing to be honest, and treat this like a profession.
I failed for 6 years in Network Marketing – but you know what?
I didn’t actually fail. I was in School. However, I was also included in the income disclosures for every Network Marketing company I was in school with, because it’s required to include everyone. Even people who aren’t working. Even people who don’t show up at events, even though it’s an integral part of the formula.
My Dad also went to school.
High School: He was the Salutatorian. 
College: 4 years of regular college, and then Law School. Total, I’m not sure, but I think 6-8 years.
(hint: longer than I was in Network Marketing school)
Cost: Not sure, it was a long time ago. Definitely more than I spent in Network Marketing school.
Results: My Dad was ultra successful in public law, and has a six figure retirement income, and is now a badass missionary in South Africa (although he’ll never say ‘badass’ even if you try…)
Would you include my Dad in an income disclosure for lawyers, when he was in School?
No, because you’re not an idiot. So stop being an idiot about Network Marketing. There are no odds.
This is a profession, not gambling.
What happened from my Network Marketing school?
I’m making about twice as much money monthly, as my Dad’s best year after 40 years of practicing law for the State of Alaska. That is not because I’m smarter. My Dad is smarter. Way smarter. It’s because Network Marketing school is better at producing income than traditional professions.
But you can’t quit. You can’t be a wussy. You can’t treat it like a lottery. This is a profession. Treat it like one, and you’ll wipe ODDS out from your mind.
What were my odds in 2002 when I started? 
The same odds that my Dad had when he went into law school. Which is…
…not odds, it’s determination, hard work, right thinking, goals, vision, perseverance, and fight in your heart.
If he would have quit – that’s not law school failing, it would have been my Dad failing law school.
I’m glad my Dad had the vision to follow through on his goals. What a great man, for having victory in his life.
THAT was harder than my education – for actually 7 years (2002 – 2009) and it cost a lot more, too.
Got it? Post that again, and I’ll ban you from my wall. I have no space in my life for people who are volitional morons, after they have correct information.
You could have claimed ignorance 5 minutes ago – after reading this, now you know. Treat this like a business, and not a game of chance, and you’re on your way to victory.
Moral of the story: Don’t be a douche and think….really think about what you’re saying and expecting. Money ain’t free…if it is……RUN

If this post helped you, even just a little bit, please like and share with friends. Even thought I know it’s tempting, don’t just keep me all to yourself ;-)
Have a positive and prosperous day…

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