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Increase Sales By Doing One Thing

increase sales

One of the best sales tips I can give is to teach you how to increase sales by doing one small thing…



Whew! Now that I got that out, let me tell you a story:

I was walking from the mailbox one day and a guy stopped me. He asked me if I had life insurance and when I told him no, he did the right thing…he probed me (I will write another blog about probing existing and potential clients one day but let me stay on course here). He asked if I had children, if I owned a home, etc. After his probing he asked if he could call me and setup a time to meet with me in my house to show me some policy options. I agreed. He gave me his business card and went on about his way.

He called me a day later and thanked me for allowing him to set up an appointment with me in my home (another plus). He also told me that he worked up a quote for me. He gave me the quote which was a really good price might I add. I told him that the quote sounded great to me. We had a little idle chit-chat. He confirmed the appointment and we hung up.

The day of the appointment, he showed up on time and thanked me for the opportunity to sit with me again. I let him know that I didn’t have a lot of time because I had a full day. He was polite to my children. It was a sunny day that day. I had my checkbook sitting out on the counter next to the dining room table where we sat. We sat down and he gave me the history of his company, presented insurance, options to me, etc. Fast forward about 45 mins and I was signing on the dotted line.

Seems right….right?


Had I not known the sales game myself, he would’ve lost the deal.

There’s one tiny thing he needs to do to increase sales. Just one thing…What is that you ask?


Let’s go over this again:

When he gave me the quote over the phone and I said it was great, that should have cued him. The deal was closed at that point. If he didn’t catch on then, he surely should have caught on when he noticed my checkbook sitting out on the counter right next to the table I sat him at during his visit. He wasted his time and mine (especially since I told him I didn’t have a lot of it) by going through a whole presentation when the deal was essentially closed. I was ready. Oh and if that’s not enough, he didn’t ask for the sale. As a matter of fact, I stopped his presentation and asked him for the policy he quoted me on the phone. His response? A surprising and highly delighted, “Oh you want to purchase a policy?” Aye aye aye…..

Sales is a game. Sometimes it’s a numbers game. Sometimes its a popularity game. But its ALWAYS a reading game.

If you want to increase sales, you have to pay close attention to every aspect of your interaction with potential clients. Learning personality profiles is one huge way to do that. You have to know who you’re dealing with. You have to know when and how much information to give. Some people don’t want the pitch, they just want the bottom line. And most importantly, you have to know when the sale is closed. If you’re going to increase your sales you have to make sure not to blow the deal by not knowing when it’s sealed. And please…ASK FOR THE SALE, lol

Moral of the story: If you want to increase sales……pay attention.

That’s all folks….

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Have a positive and prosperous day…

Your Girl,


Dee Neal
The Success Junkie
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