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MLM Recruiting In a Nutshell

I just had to tell you guys about a crazy experience I had today.

So I see this guy in a Facebook group ranting about people who expect to get into a business with no investment.
I totally understood his rant and I commented sorta trying to calm him a little.

His rant was valid. I will post about those antics on another day.

Before I go into detail about it, you can view the video I made:

Anywho, I add him as a friend and he inboxes me and starts some chit chat, of course leading up to his soft
plug. I am interested in comp plans, so I asked him what his comp plan was.  I guess he didn’t know it so he immediately sent me his link.

Note: MLM recruiting requires you know your comp plan. If you don’t, no recruit for you.

So I take a look at it and it was too much for me. You know, levels  and all that jazz.

I like it simple. I told him that I didn’t like the comp plan and told him why. Basically, I can’t do all the levels anymore.
Empower Network totally changed my though process about comp plans. I shouldn’t have to recruit or go through a bunch of levels to reach high earnings so I don’t.

In Empower Network, I make straight 100% commission and that’s it.

Needless to say, he didn’t like it.

He didn’t get the sale.

Too bad  so sad.

He ended the conversation and blocked me…

Oh well… *scooby do shrugs*

 Moral of the story: MLM recruiting ain’t that hard. If you can’t explain your comp plan off in less than 2 minutes (I can explain mine in a few seconds), time to join Empower Network :-)

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