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What The MLMS Don’t Want You To Know

mlm secrets, mlms, empower network, making money onlineI’m about to tell you what the “MLMS” as I like to call them do NOT want you to know..

If you’re not ready for the truth….exit over there ———>
Seriously though….just about everyone of the mlms have the same pitch today.

Guess what? It was the same pitch yesterday too.

Remember when your friend would call you up and tell you to come to a meeting that his/her house? Then when you got there, you saw some suited dude telling you how much money he made? Oh and he had this sign up sheet for you to fill out…. …and the price tag on your new life was about $500 bucks?

But did you answer yes? LMAO!!! So did I. Oh and it got better. He gave you a bunch of binders to read… ….and you didn’t hear jack ass nothing else from him …..and you didn’t make much money, if any at all either… ……and all of your friends who had sense enough not to buy it clowned you

Those damn mlms weren’t shit.

But did you die though? Nope….you dusted the dirt off your shoulders and kept it movin to the new gig.

But you began to HATE MLMS….

Why not right? You spent money and didn’t make shit. At least you wrote it off….I hope.

Now fast forward ’til today. MLMS have a new pitch going on.

…..No selling, no recruiting, no meetings..and the funniest one….no blogging lol

Well allow me to break it on down for you.


In fact! They aren’t lying, you don’t have to do these things but you won’t get very far if you don’t.

The “MLMS” are on to something though. These pitches attract people to buy their products and join their businesses.
The type of people who will then get in and find out that they indeed have to sell, recruit, have meetings, and blog to be a top earner, they won’t do any of these things, so they won’t make the big bucks, and then they will turn around and write a scam report on them.

Let me break these down for you even further:

  • No selling: well when they tell you this…guess what buddy…you’re being sold
  • No recruiting: when they tell you this…you’re being recruited. and honestly, anyone who wants to make money will recruit. Your job call’s it hiring. There’s not one business on earth, mlm or not, who does not recruit. It’s silly not to.
  • No meetings: This is my favorite. Well, they are right no meetings…..at your house. They’re online now…in a Google Hangout.
  • No blogging: Laughable. Truth is, just like recruiting, you don’t have to but why wouldn’t you? The first place consumers look to buy or research products is the internet. If you have no web presence, then you are missing out on crazy coinage. Building a web presence in the old days went something like this: build a site and hope people see it. Sites with consistently updated, KILLER content will BLAST their competitors. See my post on being Google’s bitch to learn how and why.

You want to make some real money with these mlms? (You should be answering yes because you really can do it.)
…stop looking for the easy way out.
Who becomes a 7 figure earner without elbow grease?

That is a 7 figure earner with any type of longevity at least.

Go out there, and pick a company with high commissions and big ticket items.

I joined Empower Network because:

  1. The commissions are high.
  2. The company sells high ticket items.
  3. The training is through the roof!
  4. I get paid every Friday.
  5. The support is awesome.
  6. I can take the skills I’ve acquired in Empower Network and apply to any business.

What more can you ask for? There’s longevity in my earnings all wrapped up in a cute company called Empower Network.

Moral of the story: stop being a slacker and work for your money.

I approve of the mlms. They rock….

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