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My Personal Goal Setting Theory

I have a personal goal setting theory, and it goes something like this: JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!

Seriously, you’ve been scoping out an MLM opportunity for months and you’re still broke.

Ssssshhh if you’re like me, you researched a particular MLM opportunity for a year. (Don’t Judge Me…)

You wonder if it’s another one of those MLM Scams that you’ve heard about. You don’t want to lose your money. But all of these “gurus” are rich right? I mean they had to start somewhere right?

Insert my personal goal setting theory and JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!

Seriously, if you don’t start the money will never start. Scared money don’t make money. (read twice.)

There’s a lot of folks in the MLM area who have made GREAT money…..they all STARTED somewhere. If you are on the internet, then why not get paid to do it? I mean who’s paying your internet bill? When money leaves one hand, there has to be money coming in the other hand. So basically, If you’re sitting on the internet and you’re not making any money doing it then you’re giving money away.

I mean, if you’re into that type of thing, be my guest…..mama need some new shoes.

A friend called me the other day about selling real estate.

If you didn’t know before now, now you know, I sell real estate.

It’s my passion.

I love it.

No matter how much money I make in my MLM business, I will NEVER stop selling real estate.
I literally get high off that shit. I think I will write about my house addiction another day.

Let’s get back on topic here….

Anywho, so she calls me and tells me that she’s thinking of taking classes to get her license.  She asks me questions and like the lovely frien that I am, I answer them of course. Halfway through our conversation, I remind her that we have been having this
Same exact talk at least once per year for YEARS!!!

Then I inserted my personal goal setting theory….JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!

I remember when I got my real estate license in 2005. I had found the love of my life.

Then I thought back to the real estate agent who kept telling me I needed to sell real estate in 2008. I personally thought the bitch
was bat shit crazy when she kept telling how I should sell real estate because I had such a great personality.

All I remember thinking was, “This chic is crazy. I ain’t sellin’ shit.”

Then I got my real estate license in 2005 and soon after I thought, “Damn, why didn’t I do this sooner? Image how much bank I could have stacked by now.”

Fast forward to late 2012 when I stumbled upon Empower Network. I watched it work. Literally for a year, I watched a couple of clients work their Empower Network business. It intrigued me but it was MLM. I hated MLM. But still, I watched. I researched the hell out of this business. Meanwhile, the answers were sitting me in my face but I had to go seek out shitty answers.

I ran across those God awful scam posts and videos. I even considered listening to them regardless of the fact that I was watching a couple of regular Joes pull MAJOR bank.

Hold up a second, I actually did a video on the Empower Network “Scam.” Here it goes:

It’s amazing how our minds are trained to go left.

We look for the negative because it comforts our shitty thoughts of our own selves.

Go on an ego trip for once in your life why don’t you.

I had to do the same thing and I finally joined Empower Network and had the same thought. “Damn, why didn’t I do this sooner? Imagine how much bank I could have stacked by now.”

Taking charge of your life is some scary shit.

Even scarier is the reality that if you don’t, your ass is going to be punching a clock until pension time and in most companies that’s when you’re sixty fuckin two years old. Who wants to wait until their tits are wrinkled to enjoy life? Not me that’s for sure.

When you’re thinking of that MLM opportunity or any other opportunity, I want you to think of my personal goal setting theory.

Ask yourself what the hell you’re waiting on? Be honest when you answer yourself too. Talking to yourself is a really good thing on this topic. Talk to yourself and answer yourself back. When you answer yourself, give yourself some tough love for being so damn scared all the time.

Get out of your feelings.

Get out of your own way.

Get some pep in your step.

Grow a set for once in your life. (oh no she didn’t. yeah she actually did.)

Get free.

Get moving.

Get paid.

Moral of the story: JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!

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