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Success and Network Marketing: The Money Ain’t Gonna Make Itself

dee neal, success junkie

I hate to keep reiterating this but I have to. If there was any favorite of my success tips, it would be to GO HARD…as hard as you can. The money ain’t gonna make itself. Be it Network marketing, brick & mortar, e-commerce, etc..the money isn’t going to make itself. ¬†Therefore, iWerk….

I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day. She has another network marketing business in energy. She spoke about how much time she spends pushing her team. She actually gave a work incentive to a team member. She was so confident in her business that she told the team member if she didn’t make money last month, she would pay her rent. She gave that team member all the assistance she needed to make money, even told her she would close all her leads for her…nada, zip, zilch. Her team member did nothing and then wanted her rent paid…BIG NO!!

I have found myself spending a lot of time to push people who just refuse to work. The money is not going to make itself. I repeat…THE MONEY IS NOT GOING TO MAKE ITSELF. It’s sitting there, whispering to you that it’s a sure thing but you have to work to get it. It wants you to have it. But it isn’t going to chase you or come to you, you have to earn it.

On network marketing and money…

People see network marketing opportunities and they get attracted. Then they join an opportunity, do nothing, quit, and then trash the business on the net saying it’s a scam. I think this isn’t the right thing to do and the owners of these companies should file slander suites. Now, I was not previously a fan of network marketing before Empower Network, because it just didn’t rub me right. I guess I hadn’t found the right opportunity. But listen, it’s like any other business, you have to work it in order for it to be profitable.

People see the income being advertised and their eyes get big. They want instant gratification. When they don’t get it, they bail. Here’s some news, businesses shouldn’t expect to turn a profit in the first year. This is reality. The lovely thing is, with network marketing, if you do what you need in order to succeed, you turn a profit in the first 3 months if not sooner. It’s a business. Not a hustle. You should be writing some type of business plan just as with any other business.

Network marketing is not an easy way to make money doing nothing….

When I joined Empower Network, I knew I had to grind it out if I was going to see a return. So….I got to grinding. This was one network marketing business I liked. I didn’t have to call meetings at my house have some guy present in my living room. I didn’t have to chase people around or explain confusing compensation plans. Hell, I didn’t even have to pick up the phone. I only had to spend a couple hours on the internet which I do anyway for free. I worked it and guess what? I turned a profit in my first month. I would’ve felt really bad if I didn’t work to turn a profit on a $25 investment. I got much more in return than I invested…because iWERK….

I want you to read this a few times. Keep it in your favorites and come back to it. You cannot expect to succeed at anything if you do not work at it. You will fall. You will fail. You will get frustrated. All of these things are part of growing and becoming successful. The key is remaining consistent, developing a system, and refining your plan along the way to become better. Nothing cooks overnight except a turkey…

Moral of the story: Get up off your ass and hunt for your meat. The money is waiting for you….

Thats all folks…
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