This whole 100 Days of Happiness Challenge thing took me for a loop when I first saw it.

Seriously, I will own it, I was being a Debbie Downer about it at first because I really didn’t get it?

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But seriously…

You’ve got this whole blog thing going. You’re surfing the net and see a bunch of kick ass ideas for your blog.

You’re a great writer but you’re shitty at design and coding. What do you do? Do you pay someone out the ass for some killer blog tweaks or do you learn to do it yourself? That’s the question of the day folks. Do you you get fed or learn to fish? Pick your poison.

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So you’ve got your blog….you’ve gotten it at least half way pretty…you sit down to write a blog post

And then….

Well you’ll be damned… can’t think of shit to write about. Ain’t this some bullshit?

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So just blog already….

I’m not sure if you’re gonna read this like “duh I already knew that”

If you are, good…I’m reinforcing the rule….

If you aren’t….then listen up, pay attention, and take action. In that order.

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Date: April 15, 2014

Time: sometime in the afternoon

Place: Home

Mood: Dayum good….

It’s sometime in the middle of the day and I’m working from home…..preparing dinner for the man children.

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