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How To Schedule Facebook Fan Page Posts

Get the most out of your Facebook Fan Page efforts. I put together a quick tutorial for you guys on how to schedule your Facebook Fan Page posts. You REALLY wanna do this guys. It makes life soooo much easier.

Take a quick look at this short video:


Scheduling your online efforts is really so much easier than going at it daily. Just pick a day during the week, add it to your schedule blocking out enough time to get all your posts done for the week and schedule them.

Facebook is like Google with consistency, if you aren’t consistent, then your posts won’t be seen. I will cover organic views in another video/blog. Plus, your audience really won’t take you seriously if you aren’t being consistent. You make lose page likes which will tell Facebook that you really aren’t that important and they won’t show your content to too many people.

Moral of the story: Be consistent with your Facebook Fan Page or you’ll be deemed a slacker and no one will play with you.

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