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Social Media and The Art of Marketing You

marketing you, social media marketing

There’s seriously no doubt that social media marketing is a big thing. It can be free and it can be paid. Of course paid marketing brings quicker results than free marketing, that’s only if your marketing is done right. In my opinion, be it paid or free, marketing you is the best you can get!

Many people flock to social media for their marketing efforts and all their talk is buy this buy that….social media spam is what that is. You have to learn the art of marketing YOU. It’s so simple, just be yourself. No censors. No filters. Just be you. It has worked for me and I can guarantee, you will attract an awesome audience, that is if you are as awesome as myself. (I kid. I kid. lol)

I’m not much of a Twitter fanatic as of yet. That whole tweet timeline thing just hurts my eyes. Too much going on there but Facebook? That’s my baby. A lot of people will give advice to watch who you accept on your friends list and to filter your Facebook depending on what business you’re in. They will tell you things like, keep your bosses, colleagues, clients, etc. off your personal Facebook page and only give them access to your fan page and other succeed in social media mumbo jumbo. I don’t have time for that shit. I have a fan page on Facebook for Google juice and that’s about it. And guess what, everything on my fan page gets posted on my personal page. On both my fanpage and my personal page, I have friends, family, clients, bosses, colleagues, etc. I don’t censor myself one bit. I am myself.

I’ve gotten lots of business from social media without even asking for it. Why? Because I am tangible and transparent. I’m not selling anything and my personality sells itself. My social media self is my real life self. It’s quirky, it’s controversial, it’s funny, it’s uncensored, it’s eccentric, it’s informational, and all those other things that me me so wonderful. I talk about things I’m passionate about and my readers feel my passion. If I am in business, then I’m passionate about it. It’s never solely for the money. The money will come (I will blog about this another time). My social media activities are all these great things at any given time, but what it is not is a therapy session. When I see depressing and angry posts, my delete button starts itching. We all have bad days but just as in offline, if you’re glass if half empty, you gotta go. I can’t have that in my atmosphere fucking with my Chi. I may sound a little hard in that last sentence but it’s the reality of me. At times, I can be that way, and anyone who follows me in social media knows it.

If you think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to spend your brain power on learning and growing your business than to waste brain power on what you’re gonna strategically place on social media so people will think the way you want them to and buy from you? Let me tell you something, for the most part, suits are out and denim is in. All that stuffy shit makes people suspicious and it’s hard to gain their trust because they are wondering what your angle is and you’re trying to hide your angle with that suit. You know you go home and change into sweats. Don’t front, they know you do. My clients trust me because I am myself. They do not have to guess about me. I don’t have to convince people I can be trusted. I don’t have to convince people that I am honest and ethical. I don’t have to try to get people to see what I am. I am these things. I am the way I am because I know how I am. I don’t have time to figure you out. If you’re not self explanatory, then buh bye. I don’t have time. I can’t waste time side eyeing folks. So I don’t give people anything that I do not want. It’s simple as that.

Moral of the story: The art of marketing you on social media isn’t hard at all. Just be you and if your business is your passion, all will fall in line.

That’s all good people. Talk to you later…

One last note: If you’re full of shit….stay off social media.

Be Happy. Be Organic. Be Inspirational. Oh…and have fun :-)

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Have a positive and prosperous day…

Your Girl,


Dee Neal
The Success Junkie
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  • Nate November 21, 2013, 5:23 am

    That is perfect.Awesome moral of the story at the end. Your blog looks great btw and your content is solid. First time I came across it. I saw the link on Prosperity facebook group and the title caught my eye. I had written on a similar topic at

    All that said, I dig that comment about stuff messing with your chi. Its exactly what I deal with too. Mindset! can’t deal with stuff that brings me down.

    Keep up the good work. solid content. Great stuff. I am glad I found your page

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