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Thank Me Later: A Few Social Networking Statistics

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So I was doin’ some research and I found out some good shit…

Because I’m nice I’m sharing with you because I want to see you grow….

You know how it goes..
If you’re not on the internet, then you’re pissin’ away a lot of money.

The internet is where people go first when they are looking to buy stuff…
You should be their go to guy or gal.

Social networking is a good source for your business.

Why? Because it’s FREE!

Now I normally keep stuff like this for my team so they can slay the internet gods with their awesomeness

But I’m in a giving mood today so I’ll share with ya.

Note: You need to be on my team and get ALL the awesomeness. Stop play all ya life :-)

Anywho check it out and thank me later:

Pinterest (21%) is now more popular than Twitter (18%) among Internet users.

What does this mean to you?

Well it means a lot to me. Twitter irks my eyeballs really.

But this means audiences are becoming more visual.

Give them what they want. Pretty pics. Start a board. Get to it.

Facebook and Instagram users are the most engaged. Around 60% of their users sign in every day (compared to 46% of Twitter users

I think we probably knew this one but just in case you didn’t. This social networking statistic is gold to you.
Wait make it big ginormous diamonds….

In terms of time management and not spinning your wheels. Go straight where the action is.

Get your Facebook fan page up and provide some killer content to get folks engaged.

If you’re not on IG you’re so not cool. Get on there. Make sure you make good use of your profile space.

Spend most of your time on these two platforms providing value and watch your coinage rise.Don’t know how to leverage Facebook? Then you need to be hanging around me a little more.

I have some Facebook awesomeness for that ass…. Contact me about this ok.
Oh and uuummm Follow me Facebook and IG: @swankymlm

Almost all social networkers use Facebook. In fact, over 80% of ‘other’ social network users also use Facebook

There’s that Facebook thing again. With 1.28 BILLION users, Facebook is like the God of social networks.

If you want to make any kind of money you want to leverage this number.

Read it again… 1.28 BILLION USERS!!!

I’m gonna write another blog post on how to get the most out of marketing on Facebook but read the number. This is  HUGE audience for you to tap into for your business.

Think about it, if you just targeted a fraction of Facebook users, you’re coins can skyrocket..
This is IF you know what you’re doing.

Don’t know what you’re doing? *snicker* I do… Don’t worry… I will teach ya… a little.

But enough of that. Click here for the full post on Social Networking Statistics.

Moral of the story: You need to pay attention to these social networking statistics and use them to scale up your social network game. Oh and thank me now :-)

If you got some value out of this post, let me know. Share with your friends.

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