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Time Management: The Art of Dividing Your Time

When you think of time management, what do you think of? Do you think an analog clock and in your head you’re deciding what to put on each one of those numbers? Probably so..if not, that’s ok too. One of THE most important aspects in time management is learning the art of dividing your time. What I mean by that is deciding what to spend your time doing. If its not adding to your business, it’s taking away from it.

Yes, we must take time for family and downtime to regroup in order to prevent burn out. So believe it or not, these things are indeed adding to your business because they provide you with the peace you need to clear your head and stay sharp in the game. The rest of the time should be activities that will build your business and make it the machine we all know it can be.

Some things can and should include:

  • Research: Research is actually key in your business because if you do not to market research……..you’re doomed.
  • Reading: I know..you’re thinking reading is research but when I say reading, I’m talking about mindset training books. Self help books are good. Read other success stories as well. These things keep the wheels of motivation churning.
  • Planning: This could include revisiting your business plan. You should make it a point to revisit your business plan so you can see what’s working, what’s not and make changes. Also, planning your schedule. I think I touched on this before.
  • WORKING: Lol, I think this one is self explanatory.
  • Team building: You want to be meticulous about this one. Investing in people is paramount in the success of any business and building your team and sculpting your culture is an important part of your time. I will touch on team building, how to choose  the right team members, and how to identify and avoid “timepires” (like my lingo? Timepires=time vampires I will discuss them another time.)

So listen here, im not going to talk your ear off. Just take this list and incorporate it into your life. Thank me later.

Your time management skills are gonna skyrocket when I’m done with you….

oh and……..



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Have a positive and prosperous day…

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