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Time Management Techniques: Only 24 Hrs In a Day?


I’m not sure about the rest of you out there but learning time management techniques are valuable to me. I’m a busy girl. Three boys, college, two businesses, and a boss…YIKES!!! I’ve often had people ask me how I do it and for a long time, I really had no answer. All I know is that I have goals that have to be achieved. I know I don’t want to end up having to punch a clock until I’m 62 so I have to do what I have to do. But how to manage time? That’s something I really didn’t know until a little while ago. I was just winging it. I’ve always had time to do what I wanted to do and what I had to to because…well that’s just me. BUT learning how to manage my time was crucial to my enjoyment. Knowing what was worthy of my time was equally crucial.

I learned that people and things which do not add to my end goal are not worth my time and can’t have it. No matter what the goal is, why waste my time right? In my personal life, I had to set boundaries on who gets my time and how much and I had to do the same in my business life. You should do the same. Don’t be ashamed to value your time. If you don’t no one else will.

What do time management techniques have to do with your business? EVERYTHING…..

You really need to know how to balance your time if you’re a workaholic or else burn out is near and that can be death to a business. You have to know how much time per day to allot to your business and what you’re doing to do with it. You have to schedule breaks or you won’t take them. I am guilty of not coming up for air and if you’re driven, you probably are too so don’t look at me like that lol I kid. I kid.

I found a great article  on entrepreneur.com to teach you a few things to get you going. One important thing listed in the article is that time is yours to do as you please. Living by the clock will have you going out of your mind. You will freak out trying to figure out how to fit everything into 24hrs and then come to the conclusion that you don’t have time and miss out on doing things that are crucial to your success. I’m taking the liberty of listing a couple of them for you and then you can go read the article and tell me what you learned. Deal? Yes? Ok it’s a go. Here’s a few:

  • Put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign: If you’re working at home and have a family, you really need to do this. When you’ve allotted yourself time to work, your family, especially your kids really don’t care. That’s double if you’re a mom. They have to know when you’re off limits so you can be productive. Don’t worry, they will understand.
  • Take 30 minutes daily to plan your day: The article suggests doing it every morning before you start your day. I am suggesting when you do your planning that his planning be for the next day. In your planning you should pencil in time to do your planning. (read twice) I’m going to go a step further and say this 30 mins should be for tweaking your schedule ONLY because you should be taking time out on Sunday to plan your week. If what you’re doing is a no brainer, it’s easier to stay on task.
  • Plan to spend at least 50 percent of your time engaged in the thoughts, activities and conversations that produce most of your results: I so agree. I actually don’t plan this because I do it constantly. I’m always in my head thinking of and tweaking my master plan. At times, I’m not even present in a personal conversation because my head is in the office somewhere. Don’t worry, I hear you. My mind is a great multi-tasker.

This article: 10 Time Management Tips That Work is a really good read. Read it. Absorb it. Then come back and comment and tell me what you picked up.

Moral of the story: Employ some good time management techniques and stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to get it all done.

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